So am I the only one on here who gets sick of seeing the following?

"Sorry this is my 1st pasta and I don't really know what I'm doing lol :)

It was just another day in Lavender Town when (blahblahblah story continues)....

"Thanks for reading, dedicated to God and yer mom, peace out."

I feel like author comment before and/or after a story really detract from a pasta. We're supposed to be writing scary stories and creepy urban legends. This feels like they're saying "LOOK MA! I'M ON THE INTERTOOBS LOL!" I admit that I do post comments on my pasta...on the talk page. Isn't that what it's for? 

Also, if you feel you need to post a disclaimer about how sorry you are for your first creepypasta, you're either Japanese or not confident in it enough to fucking post it. If as a writer you feel it isn't good enough, tweak it some more before you post it, dammit! 

Anyone else have thoughts on this? Or am I being an old curmudgeon who wants everyone off her lawn?