Greetings, everyone! I hope you had an All Hallows' Eve full of thrills, chills, and your favorite choice of candy.

Our wiki is a tribute to the written word, but sometimes that's not enough to tickle the fancy of a pasta conoisseur. Sometimes Sonic.exe just doesn't seem to fly, Dead Bart feels like dead air, and  Lavender Town just feels like something's missing, no? Sometimes a horror reader needs that little extra "oomph."

Not to worry, fans! There's horror webcomics, free to read online and available to purchase in print for your viewing pleasure! Here are some suggestions that I have come across; feel free to comment your own discoveries!

Broodhollow : This is probably my favorite. Created by Kris Straub (some of you might recognize him as the author of Candle Cove), Broodhollow tells the tale of Wadsworth Zane,  a young encyclopedia salesman who comes to Broodhollow, West Virginia seeking his inheritance. But Broodhollow, the "town of a thousand holidays," has its own secrets, and Wadsworth must face his many fears as he settles into his new home. Classic horror with a Lovecraftian twist.

The Last Halloween :  Created by Abby Howard, this comic explains the fate of Mona, a ten year old girl, and her misadventures to uncover why monsters have suddenly appeared in the world and what can be done to stop it. Juxtaposes black humor with truly terrifying art. 

Rhymes with Witch- The Last Trick-or-Treaters :  Created by Randy Millholland, who is famous for his long-running webcomic Something Positive,  Rhymes with Witch is his dump for filler comics and inspirations that had to be drawn. In 2011, he started a short series of watercolored comics for the month of October called The Last Trick-or-Treaters.  Evoking Edward Gorey as well as classic horror tropes, this is highly recommended. Browsing for TLToT is best done through the site's archive. 

What other horror comics have you seen that you would like to recommend? Add it to the comments!