Cody, a long time street fighter as a young killer.Cody was born 1927,as he was growing up he loved fighter with friends and family.As cody became 15 his parents had died because of a killer going towards his school.Cody lived on to become a fighter with his only friend Ryu.As Cody became a karate teacher around his block the same killer that killed his parents was on a mission to kill Ryu`s Parents.Cody Tried to stop the killer, but the killer was stronge as his old friend Ken that would always be beat as a young kid.But the killer would be protected like his friends were there,The killer was killed by Cody. The police came by,but once they got there Cody wasnt there but the body of the killer was there.One Of the police man seen a shadow towards the end of the ally.Its was Cody with a knife in his hand(Thats why in Super street fighter IV the knife is always there).One day Cody was on the news.One of the police man were talking about what they saying in the ally and something in the background was moving.It was the same shadow the police man saw at the ally way.Its was Cody but something was diffenent about the shadow.Something was droping as the shadow like it was water or blood or something.The knife droped and the police man turned and walked towards the knife.Blood was at the tip of the knife and the police that had saw Cody was feeling very worried. The police man that was on the news droped and was did the camera man.Black Shoes walked by the camera and the men droped the person seem to have blond hair like Cody did.Its Was Cody as he looked at the camera picking up the knife and the same guy that seen Cody in the ally was Very scared and had nothing to do.Years Came by and the same person that saw cody was on the news.The man was not scared of Cody anymore and just forgot about him for years to come.The Cameraman say the name "Cody" like the same camera man was still alive.Then the policeman was scared once more.Cody was caught in jail and thats the last time anyone heared or Cody.Later On in the years Ryu,Ken,The Police Man Died of a ranpage that happened once ken and ryu were fighting. Cody Died May 12, 1957