I was looking for games for my snes in gamestop,gamestation,flea markets but none seem to have any games i liked.I Went back home to look online for games,but i didnt trust of the websites.One website was called "Dont want to tell u" and it sayed all types of hacked game.One was called SMW Hell Edition,That was the only snes game they had so i downloaded it.I started the game and the game started normally but once the game started the world was called "Hell Entrance".The Level was Bower's Cave but everything was missing and only a castle and water.The water was colored red not Blood red.The level Was almost impossble if you didnt try at all. I Didnt try that much and only make it up to level just went download and never stoped.I Exited the level to go back to the main menu were all the levels are and went towards the castle it saided :Open A Door To The Level Of Your Choise.LOSER!. i Walked into a door and it sayed "TIME UP!" and i just stoped playin the game