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December 20, 2012
  • T1Damenik

    I was looking for games for my snes in gamestop,gamestation,flea markets but none seem to have any games i liked.I Went back home to look online for games,but i didnt trust of the websites.One website was called "Dont want to tell u" and it sayed all types of hacked game.One was called SMW Hell Edition,That was the only snes game they had so i downloaded it.I started the game and the game started normally but once the game started the world was called "Hell Entrance".The Level was Bower's Cave but everything was missing and only a castle and water.The water was colored red not Blood red.The level Was almost impossble if you didnt try at all. I Didnt try that much and only make it up to level just went download and never stoped.I Exite…

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  • T1Damenik

    Mega Man Bootleg

    January 31, 2013 by T1Damenik

    It Started all out last year getting a NES from my friend since he wouldnt be using it anymore.He knew i was a true gamer back then and i still am today.I Am in collage for my first year.Man i knew this was going to be much fun Partying and drinking.There i saw my childhood friend Jony which we love to play N64 and SNES games at the time. We had a another friend too.He was also in our collage but we didnt see him at all.After finding him we went to go look for some NES games.We stoped by a flea market but hey didnt have games we were crazy about as a kid. We stoped by gamestop to see if they have any old games.But they didnt of couse because they sell is call of duty.My Friend sayed "Look over there!" we seen a mega men game with Banjo Kaz…

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  • T1Damenik

    Cody, a long time street fighter as a young killer.Cody was born 1927,as he was growing up he loved fighter with friends and family.As cody became 15 his parents had died because of a killer going towards his school.Cody lived on to become a fighter with his only friend Ryu.As Cody became a karate teacher around his block the same killer that killed his parents was on a mission to kill Ryu`s Parents.Cody Tried to stop the killer, but the killer was stronge as his old friend Ken that would always be beat as a young kid.But the killer would be protected like his friends were there,The killer was killed by Cody. The police came by,but once they got there Cody wasnt there but the body of the killer was there.One Of the police man seen a shadow…

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