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The lack of good coffee causes writer's block

Sup'? So, lately i've been drinking a different coffee brand than I usually drink, and i've noticed that it's a lot different from the one that I usually drink, and not in a good way....seriously, it tastes awful, but I highly doubt that anyone cares about my coffee issues. However, I looked at the creepypasta I was working on, and I noticed that it wasn't all that good, so I decided to restart, I ended up looking at my computer screen for about an hour before realizing that I couldn't come up with anything to write. I'm just gonna blame bad coffee for this....So I decided to draw some sort of bios for the characters to help me write them and their reactions in the story better. In other words, i'm gonna focus on drawing instead of writing for a while.I'm just gonna hope that I don't get an art block as well...I really need to get better coffee, I swear to god...

EDIT: I just noticed that I forgot to put of between lack and good. I have now failed as a human being.