Guys, I just watched Watchmojo's top ten scariest creepypasta list. For those of you who don't know what watchmojo is, they're a youtube channel that makes top ten lists. So, back to the point, it sucked ass. You know who was second? Jeff the Killer. How the f**k is that bullshit scary?

And first was Slendy. He's not scary, i mean, like what the fuck were they thinking? 'Hor hor lets post the most famous al beit bad creepypastas as the top. Boobs'

The only pastas that deserved to be there were Candle Cove, Smile Dog, The Rake, and Russian Sleep Experiment. Persuade is good but still doesn't deserve to be on this list but is. I mean, come on! Have you even read any creepypastas?

Here's the linki if you guys wanna read it: