So, anyone who knows me in person knows that I hate Twilight, Warm Bodies, The Vampire Diaries and the like. Why, you ask? No? Okay then.

There are a number of reasons that I dislike Twilight specifically, and there's one big reason why I hate all of those mentioned above, you probably know what that is, though. Let's start with why I hate Twilight first.

Bella is the worst female character ever. She wants attention, can't do anything for herself. She is in a relationship with Edward and leads Jacob on. Whore. Next, there's Edward and Bella's relationship. Edward stalks Bella, abandones her in the woods, forces her to make descisions (according to what I've heard) and is a dick to her, while Jacob is actually a good boyfriend,but noooo, she wants Sparklie McSparklepants. Also, wtf is up with the baby and Jacob romance?

Why is Edward FUCKING FAIRY??!! I mean, I get that you wanted to put your own twist, Meyer, but WHY IS HE A WALKING DISCO BALL?!! AND WHY IS HE A PEDOPHILE? On that note, why are the werewolves JUST FUCKING BIG DOGS?! Hell, why is this a romance? You wanna know why people were afraid of these creatures back when they thought they actually existed,?! Do you know why they're depicted as scary? Because they were meant to be! You can't just turn them into stalker lovers! That's like turning Titanic into a ghost story.

And the zombie in Warm Bodies. What the hell is up with THAT?! A rotting bag of flesh is in love with a human. What. The. Fuck?