So, since Hallowen is coming up this month, I've decided to compile a\ list of short horror films that I thought were good. All of these can be found on youtube.

White With Red  Adapted from a popular micropasta, this movie has a terrifying twist that you'd know if you read the pasta. The acting at the beginning might seem silly, but it doesn't fail to bring the chills.

The Whistler It starts with a guy disrespecting a dead bird and using it to play pranks, and then the bird comes back as... something else. Let's just say being a dick to dead animals can get you killed.

Victim One of the few good Slenderman movies I've seen. It barely shows Slenderman but builds up the tension.

The Expressionless  This is based on a creepypasta classic although it ditches the sharp teeth and the actress doesn't look quite manniquine-y.

Fathom This is the best Slenderman movie I've seen.

The Rake Amazing movie with an amazing CGI Rake that's bigger than it's supposed to be, but still rad.

The Rake Yes it has the same name as the movie above, but it's different. The Rake isn't as bad-ass as the first one but still good.

Lights Out A personal favorite of mine.

The Offering A father and son go into the woods to make an offering to some... thing, but when the father forgets an ingredient, he asks his son to talk to the thing, as he had made more offerings, then the father makes a dick move. What sets this apart from others is that it relies solely on tension and there are no jumpscares.

Dorothy You've seen so many instances where clowns are the villains, this one has them as the victims. And a surprising ending.

Amy's Torch This is pretty childish and the narration is cheesy, but it is still pretty good.

Under the Bed  Loosely based on the urban legend 'Licking' or 'Humans can lick too.'

The Cabin This is more of a creepypasta narration with meh-ish art. The twist is good but the narration is awful. Still good, though.