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Sykokillah September 26, 2014 User blog:Sykokillah

So, my tests have finally ended! The bad news is I'm going to get bad marks in all subjects but one.

I've been working on a story, but before I finish, I wanna see if people like the idea

So, a guy goes into an abandoned asylum with his two friends, and as they venture deeper, the place is really dark, and their flashlights go out, and the friends dissapear. The asylum seems to stretch out forever because of plot convenience. Then there's some instances of ghosts being ghosts and royal d*cks. The narrator's girlfriend also shows up bound and gagged... and naked at one point but it turns out to be another instance of ghosts being d*cks.

The narrator goes into a room with his friends hanging on a wall and the ghost responible for all the other ghosts being dicks tells the narrator to do something to his friends, something disgusting. Just for the record, no, it's not s*x.

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