How do you want the world to end? A burning ball of flames, alien invasion, animal rebellion?

For me, as much as I have grown to loathe zombies outside of video games, I'd like a zombie apocalypse where I'm either immune to what initially started the disease, or it's transmitted (outside of bites) from something that I don't like. Like most "normal" people, I even have an entire plan for srviving the apocalypse. To all you losers who never contemplated what they would do in the case of a zombie apocalypse and doing going about your lives, good luck surviving. Noobs.

Or an all-out nuclear war, which isn't really that far fetched. Don't get me wrong, a war killing millions of innocent people is wrong, but... It's cool. If you survive the explosions and live in the aftermath, that is.

The thought of a religious apocalypse scares me, though, even though I do believe in religion.

So, how would you like the world to end? A frozen tundra... possibly with monsters? A badass looking explosion? How do you want humans' existence on Earth to end?