Ok, so I'm the single worst person to ask for advice on characterisation and making your characters feel like real people. But I read this on Wattpad and thought maybe I'd share it with you guys. So for novels, or character-driven pastas (like JtK) in this case, you need good, and realistic characters.

So the thing I learned is to interview your characters (sounds stupid, right?) like they're a real person. A few example questions would be:

What's your name (Duh.)?

How is your life at home?

Do you have a secret? (I do, I AM YOUR FATHER)

How is your school life; are you popular?

Do you have a crush?

Do you have any phobias; what are they?

What is your motivation?

And so on. These might not help much in a pasta, but they can help while writing in general. The trick is to sort of weave this into the story, like people are shown being bullied for audience sympathy, or somebody screams like a little girl when they see a spider.