Ok, so, not many of you might care about this, and it might also get deleted by admins for being totally off topic, but this is a serious blow to my childhood. In the original Tom and Jerry series, there's an episode called 'Blue Cat Blues' and it's pretty depressing. It starts off with Tom sitting on a ailroad wioth a sad expression on his face. The camera moves up to Jerry, who pities Tom. Jerry does a voice-over of the episode, as we are shown in flashbacks that there was a cat that Tom fell in love with, but his rival Butch also wanted her. Jerry tried to stop him from chasing her, but he was madly in love and didn't listen.

Tom sold himself into slavery and did alot for her, but since Butch was rich, he couldn't compete and Butch got the girl. Then, back at the tracks, Jerry (still in narration) states how happy he is to have a faithful girlfriend who he loves. Then, a small car with two mice - Jerry's girlfriend and another, grey mouse (this might be the same little orphan mouse that has appeared so many times before) - drives past him.

Jerry joins Tom on the train tracks while the sound of an approaching train cgrows louder, then the credits roll in.

On a side note, there's also a banned Dexter's Laboratory episode which has the characters cursing in it, a cencored version can be found on youtube, just search for 'dexter banned episode.'