So, I just read Requiem of Ice's new blog post where he said his last one was a test and a oke. Now, while that was sheer assholery (Although it did make me laugh) it made me wonder if we're too defensive about this site. I don't want to bring this event up but still, remember the statement about the Slenderman stabbing incident Sloshed wrote in his blog, don't you think it sounded a little too defensive (please no shitstorms in the comments)? It was the same thing with Requeim's blog, as soon as people found out about it, they rushed to the comments to curse them and defend the wiki (Including me, I did the same thing), while several others had already made quite a few valid points.

So, what I'm saying is, are we no better than those fan boys/girls of Sonic.exe and JtK?

Maybe it's just midnight sleepy thoughts, in which case, carry on with whatever you were doing.