So, I just lost my entire account on my laptop. It got corrupted. I didn't have much of anything on this, but the story I'd been writing for months was on there. It wasn't good, but I'd still worked for months on that badly written piece of shit. I can get some of it from my forum WW post, but the rest I'll have to rewrite. I also had all my ideas on my computer. I've  written them down on paper, at least those I can remember, but I'm pretty pissed.

And now my exams are starting from the 3rd of December, and I've barely studied at all. I try studying, but my mind just can't focus and just refuses to remember that shit. I have a huge syllabus, and on top of that I don't understand Chemistry and Physics, so, just trying to pass those subjects.

So, pretty stressed right now, and I have no idea why I'm whining about it to you gys on an internet blog post.