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  • Sykokillah

    So, as you can probably tell by the title, I'm looking for stories that center around a small town. I've already read the Disappearance of Ashley, Kansas and was wondering if there were others like it. Tell me in the comments below if you know any stories like that.

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  • Sykokillah

    Lack of Activity

    January 30, 2015 by Sykokillah

    I know I haven't really been that active here over the past few days and I still haven't read Pasta Noir: Dames, Slugs and the Hatchetman and Gorgon's Smile but I'm getting around to it. I'm really sorry guys, don't hate me. I also haven't been as active on the WW as I used to. The most I did was write two very short pastas.

      • cough cough**

    The Pet, The Last Bomb

    So, yeah, I'll try to be more active.

    I just wasted a minute of your life.

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  • Sykokillah

    Two or three terrible pastas were uploaded onto the wiki with excuses in the comments like 'this is my first pasta' or 'English is not my first language.' And when they get deleted, they always blame the wiki. Why the fuck don't you guys ever use the Writer's Workshop? 

    It's linked right there on the front page. Is it really that bad to post it there and reduce the chances of the pasta being deleted rather than posting a terrible pasta and have it deleted and then blame the admins? Why the fuck don't you bother to read the quality standards or even the goddamn front page before posting a pasta?


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  • Sykokillah


    November 22, 2014 by Sykokillah

    So, I just lost my entire account on my laptop. It got corrupted. I didn't have much of anything on this, but the story I'd been writing for months was on there. It wasn't good, but I'd still worked for months on that badly written piece of shit. I can get some of it from my forum WW post, but the rest I'll have to rewrite. I also had all my ideas on my computer. I've  written them down on paper, at least those I can remember, but I'm pretty pissed.

    And now my exams are starting from the 3rd of December, and I've barely studied at all. I try studying, but my mind just can't focus and just refuses to remember that shit. I have a huge syllabus, and on top of that I don't understand Chemistry and Physics, so, just trying to pass those subjects…

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  • Sykokillah

    Jurassic World

    November 19, 2014 by Sykokillah

    The new Jurassic Park sequel is coming out next year and the trailer's going to be released in a week. They even have a website about the fictional company that restarted Jurassic Park.

    So, are you excited for the new film? I sure as hell am.

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