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    The Collector

    January 4, 2012 by SwizzleSoup

    THE COLLECTOR As I lay on the floor catching and then holding my breath that thing that killed my friends crept through the hallway chanting what i think may have been latin it sounded a little like"im iens ut occidat te"creeping in my direction it kept chanting"im iens ut occidat te im iens ut occidat te im iens ut occidat te inveniat, cum i Iason" although i dident understand any of what this creature or whatever the hell you want to call it meant buisness its face was deformed sort of like someone had gouged both of its eyes out it walked with a limp after what steve had done to it before it eventually got to him. steve was a fighter, but this monster was a fighter as well. this monster had also taken on the form of an imp time and timeā€¦

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