• Sweetmatthias

    minecraft endersteve

    December 28, 2011 by Sweetmatthias

    I was playing on my xbox 360 and i played mw3 infected then a cool swedish guy like me joined and he had minecraft and skype so we played and he sayd you dont hawe a skin ? and i said no:( but then i got one it was like enderman and steve in the same body and sometimes i wasent able to move like to char was moveing it self it walked it walked to a statue of the skin and herobrine and it said brothers on them and they started moveing and all went crazy i runned and runned and block my self in and waited for sun to be out and they where gone i was scared... so i run back to my house and if was signs saying we will find you anywhere and idk more

    This is my first creepy pasta so please like it :)

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