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January 11, 2014
  • SweetCherryMaiden


    January 11, 2014 by SweetCherryMaiden

    Hello everyone! My names Lea. im new to the wikia website i just wanna try out my first story of suspence for fun. I hope youll like it!

     June 12 2014,

    It was a cold day....The clouds covered the sky....silence filled the air.

    The only thing I could hear was the whistle of the breeze. But it wasnt a normal breeze as other days.This one carried a more...creepy feeling. I didnt know why but i decided to just ignore it. It was probably nothing anyways. I walked to my bus stop and waited for the bus to come and pick me up for school . I waited....and waited....and waited.I looked at my phone (7:30 am June 12 Tuesday)

    The breeze kept blowing only this time....i heard a whisper. It spoke out loud and clear the word "no".

    No?....what could that even m…

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