Hi! My name is Suzanne! I'm currently 13 years of age, I live in the USA and I enjoy scaring myself even though I hide when a commercial for a horror movie comes on. I'm the girl you don't want to invite to see Annabelle or other movies like that, because she might just not sleep for months to come. I can deal better with words on a screen or page, so it doesn't terrify me as much when I read it myself.

So basically I'm a horror-phobic who likes reading Creepypasta...I know I'm weird don't tell me twice.

My personality is out-going, artistic (literature wise) and shy when you first meet me, but I've got a great sense of humor and I make new friends wherever I go no matter where, so maybe I can meet my first Internet friend here! (Maybe not such a good idea.....)

I'm a writer. I'm currently writing a novel on My profile name is simply "Suzy" so if you want to check it out, feel free!

So that's me I guess..! I'll try and make up a Pasta of my own sometime though.