Stop the Cliches.

I love this Wiki. It's a great place to share your talents of writing in horror style! I love getting on here and seeing a lot of great stories and creepy pictures that give me troubles sleeping!

But dear, sweet mother of God...

The Cliches.

They must stop.

They must stop now.

I'm beginning to become scared....not literally, like I should be after reading these stories. But....scared that people no longer know talent...

I just get a headache every time I see:

"This is true, whether you believe it or not..."

"I lost my game, so I went to this yard sale..."

"I was an intern at Nickelodeon..."

"I found this old tape of my favorite childhood show..."

"I was on Cleverbot one time..."

"My Pokemon didn't faint, it died..."

Yeah. I'm beginning to lose faith in this website....please, don't let me.

I love this place. I love it so much.

Please. Don't ruin it for me. Please. I beg of you.