Today I am beginning this blog to share what I think are some of the best gaming creepypasta's that the site has to offer. I know that there are many like myself that love it when you find a gaming pasta that has so much power to it that just sends the chill down your spine. I feel it's only fair of me to share some of the pastas that I like, and for you to as well share ones that you like. Some may be the more mainstream gaming pastas, and some may be one's you've never thought of reading. This is also an oportunity to get some indie pastas out in the open for all the fellow pasta reads. Use this blog to your adavantage. Just be modest if it's your own. But I digress, lets start the list shall we?











/\/\/\/\/\These are a few that I've read, lets see what you have!/\/\/\/\/\

 User Suggestions :D

1. The Binding of Isaac Creepypasta

2. The Binding of Me . exe

Btw, I may include a "Modesty" rule. Basically what this means is that you shouldn't post your own work, unless you can say that it is on a scale of 1-10 atleast a 5. By this I mean don't say that your pasta is the best thing ever, then include "Hyper realistic blood". That Sh*t don't float here, Son. 

  • More rules may or may not be added to this blog post. Have fun!