If you were to ask me:"What is your favorite video game franchise?" I would say Klonoa. But one time my favorite gaming icon, turned into one of my worst nightmares!
It was a bright, spring afternoon when my friend, Andrew, had rented himself a PS2 for one week. To save him the trouble of finding games, I let him borrow some of mine. One of them was Klonoa 2. A week had passed by and it was time to get the games back. Andrew came out and gave back all the games, except Klonoa 2. When I noticed the problem I quickly replied, " Hey! you're missing one of the games."
He replied:" Trust me, you don't want it back."

This is the best way I could present him

"Of course I do! It was probably the best game on there!"
He gave in and gave the game back. Andrew told me to never play it and if I did don't play it again. Soon after, I had to go in for dinner. Quickly after, I went to my room and popped the game in, just to see what he was talking about. It started out normal, except their was a 4th profile called: "dontu". I soon selected a stage. Klonoa looked very evil, as his blue clothing was now red, he was covered in blood, and his eyes were empty (like herobrein). Even more weird, when he would destroy an enemy,the foe would be bleeding on the ground dead!
The next day things got even more scary! On the bus ride to school I noticed the evil Klonoa standing in the seat next to me. When I pointed out, no one seemed to notice him. I kept seeing him throughout the day. In classrooms, lockers, and even the lunch line. When I told this to Andrew, he had told me what was going on
He explained that on one of the nights he kept the game, he accedently cursed it. The spell was supposed the create an evil demon out of the nearest electronic. He was unaware the disk was next to him until he played the game. When I told him that I've played the game yesterday, Andrew stated: " Never play the game again nor let anyone else play, you'll regret it!" Andrew then elaborated on how the evil Klonoa was stalking me and trying to tempt me to play the game.
Three days had passed of the evil Klonoa following me around trying to convince me to play the game. But on day 4, he wasn't there! I thought that maybe he'd given up and I was free of this nightmare. But it was only beginning!
Later that night, I saw my little brother, Jack, pop the klonoa 2 disk into the console. This confused me because Jack hated the game a lot. When I asked him why he was playing the game, he stated: " A demon looking Klonoa told me to or else I'll be killed!" Here I knew the demon was only gone to get some one who wasn't aware of the curse.
The game turned on and the evil Klonoa appeared on the screen. " Well ya bitch! Ya tried to resist me and now your brother will meet his end!" Said the evil Klonoa in his dark voice. Suddenly, demon claws came out of the controller and grapped my brothers hands, causing loads of blood to pour out. I ran to the console to try and turn it off. But I quickly froze in my tracks, unable to move. A current suddenly sucked Jack in, tearing his body parts in a bloody mess.
The Demon then stared at me as I gained my strenth movement back. Suddenly, I was being pulled in. I noticed a baseball bat and grabed it. I wacked the TV down and quickly unplugged it. While I was safe (with a couple of blood on me) Jack was gone. I then noticed he was missing on a pic of our family, I infered that he was erased from existence.
I took the game out of the console and attempted to destroy it. I bashed it, burned it,and even put a saw through it, but nothing worked! Not a single scratch or mark appeared on it. Just a perfect disk. I realized if I couldn't destroy it, I could get rid of it. So I went down to a Family Dollar and threw it into the dumpster.
I made my way out home and I saw the evil Klonoa one last time. "It was fun killing you now my disk will lead me to the next target!" he said before he blew away into dust. It's been 2 years since it happend and me and Andrew have seen no sign of the evil Klonoa, or my brother.