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    If you were to ask me:"What is your favorite video game franchise?" I would say Klonoa. But one time my favorite gaming icon, turned into one of my worst nightmares!
    It was a bright, spring afternoon when my friend, Andrew, had rented himself a PS2 for one week. To save him the trouble of finding games, I let him borrow some of mine. One of them was Klonoa 2. A week had passed by and it was time to get the games back. Andrew came out and gave back all the games, except Klonoa 2. When I noticed the problem I quickly replied, " Hey! you're missing one of the games."
    He replied:" Trust me, you don't want it back."

    "Of course I do! It was probably the best game on there!"
    He gave in and gave the game back. Andrew told me to never pla…

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