• SupIAmPanda

    Hi. I'm new, and this is my first... well you can say EXPERIENCE. It's heartbeating, and you know, pretty fearful, but it's good that you can get over it, anyways... on with the story.

    It began with a nice day, but I had no school tomorrow, it was Tuesday. That means Adventure Time is airing tonight! I had a nice dinner, nice talk with family, but now it was time for the real show. Adventure Time. So I turned up the volume, turned off the lights, (Well, it's night so why the heck not?), and I just layed there on the couch waiting for AT (Adventure Time) to play in around 10 minutes. But after 5 minutes, there was a power outage, I hadn't noticed until I saw that my TV monitor was off.

    So I got a little mad, but it was strange because.. it fe…

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