• Suicide Sadie15


    June 1, 2015 by Suicide Sadie15

    Okay so i just made my creepypatsa and it got deleted because of the standards. Im angry. Basicly(in the story) I'm 15 and i wear black jean jacket rolled up the sleaves and Black BMX  pants, black army boots, black tank top. I have long black har with blue streaks in it and i have a scar down my right eye and i have a scar on my shoulder. Which is my soul gem. My eyes turn blue and back to normal. Im the ONLY soul gem left and with it i have powers. My catch frase it "Your going to wish you were dead when i get started with you" and im confused am i supposed to die or live. cause my friend tells me if i live im a proxy, but comment whether its one of those. Thanks bye

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