• Suicidalhomicidal

    -Well, I don't expect this story to be read. It was only another Silent Hill dream of mine. This is a fictional story, and my dream.-

    I was kind of bored one night, so I just decided to lay in bed until I fell asleep. That didn't happen for at least an hour. I couldn't watch television, so I just lay there. I fell asleep eventually. My dream was filled with rust, and I could hear occasional screams. But the screaming stopped. I heard someone whispering my name, "Cassandra..." I thought it was a girl, and I knew that voice. I didn't believe the voice I was hearing. I hadn't heard it since I left that damned town, Silent Hill. It sounded like Alessa, but I wasn't really sure. I had tried for so long to block everything about that town from my…

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