Stutter Matty

aka Matty, Elliot

  • I live in Somewere I can hide from myself
  • I was born on July 10
  • My occupation is Murder, The bloody kind.
  • I am Female
  • Stutter Matty

    I think creepypasta is stories made to scare children into beliving that their imagination can become deadly if they go to far with it. like the Luaghing Jack story for example, It was just a father who had such a strong imagionation he imagined the same things his son did and accidently took the imaginary character called 'laughing jack' way to deep into his thought, making him belive every horrifying thing that happened to his son and dog, was done by a clown a younge child made up just to havew the company and security of a smiling face.  I need help, I dont know If I'm right on this one, sadly.

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  • Stutter Matty

    Matty Elliot's my name, But thats when I'm SaNe. I'm scared of your shadow, But you scared of my BoX CuTtEr. I'm scream when you scare me, You scream when I take the knife and Twist it.

    I may stutter but, I'm you fears. Every Shard of hope and Promises you ever had, Is now my own HeLl.

    I'm the tapping on your window as a stormy night rolls in.

    I'm the girl that stands at the corner, Watching you.

    I'm the cold breath you feel on the back of your neck as you lay in the dark.

    I'm the person you see in the corner of your eye, That isn't there.

    I'm the one who runs back and forth in you hallway, even though you live alone.

    I'm the kid you see swinging at the playground, at 3 in the morning.

    I'm the girl at the other end of the phone call, Reapeat "S-Sa…

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