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  • Stuckinthe1800s

    A request

    April 1, 2015 by Stuckinthe1800s

    did anybody read "smokeface" before it got deleted?

    well ,i never got to copy or paste it to a different ,and because of that it's gone forever

    unless,i CAN find a way to get it on a different website

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  • Stuckinthe1800s

    my story is gone,AGAIN

    -- if you guys still wanna read my most recent story,you can go here the sanity slayer + room 02 are also there

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  • Stuckinthe1800s

    I'm thinking of writing something but i don't want the killer to have a knife because that's just cliche.any ideas for weapons?

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  • Stuckinthe1800s

    it's not fair

    March 5, 2015 by Stuckinthe1800s

    nothing is fair

    every single one of my stories gets deleted just because i'm no Stephen King.

    The Sanity Slayer is in my opinion one of the best things i ever wrote

    And it gets deleted in less than an hour

    unfair,totally unfair

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