• StrangerThanTad


    May 12, 2017 by StrangerThanTad

    When I read reviews for pastas I always see people who comment something like this: "This creepypasta is cliché, 2/10."

    If a pasta is well written, but has a child who was abused by his parents or a main character who dies at the end, is it automatically terrible?

    I've read several pastas that contain "clichés", but are still well written and TERRIFYING.

    For example, it seems like EVERYONE thinks Squidward's Suicide is a bleeping terrible pasta because it "has like a million clichés", but it was very interesting and downright SCARY in my opinion.

    Isn't the entire reason people use clichés is because they WORK? They wouldn't be used again and again if they didn't scare or creep out the reader, right?

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