• Storiesofthedark

    A single tree stands alone. Desolate and withered.

    A single man swings alone. His death not reconsidered.

    The screaming, crying, pleading eyes, did not move the mayor.

    The laughing, mocking, condemning, body kicked over the chair.

    Tried for murder, blamed for false his body now hangs limp.

    Tried to escape, he thrashed around, while his hope seemed to crimp.

    She watches him with tear filled eyes. A mere victim ghost.

    He watches him with joy filled eyes. The deed he loved most.

    The girl was raped, and killed, tortured nonetheless.

    The villain framed, and got away, death to the sinless.

    Clothed in white, the lovers stand together. The ghosts of past accused, and mangled.

    Clothed in rags, the sinner stands in fire. The ghost of past crimes, committed on …

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  • Storiesofthedark

    Two months ago I was sitting at home browsing the internet when an email alert popped up in the middle of my screen. “I wish people would just send me real letters”, I thought and clicked on the link.

    The email was from my friend Erica and under subject she had written, “Holy crap look at this dog lol”. So I opened it up to see a picture link entitled smile.jpg and a note that said, “I just found this and thought you should see it since you’re into all that creepy stuff. It freaked me out haha. See you in school tomorrow! Don’t let the smile dog scare you ;P”

     Wondering what was so apparently creepy I clicked on the photo, and a picture of a smiling husky filled up my screen. Admittedly having that picture pop up made me jump a little but I …

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  • Storiesofthedark

    Please don’t attempt this. I’m warning you. However cool you think you are, however lame you think these things are: DO. NOT. PLAY. THIS. GAME. You might be asking yourself why right about now. Well, here’s what happened when I decided that it would be a good idea to try something so stupid:

    I was at a party two weeks ago with a few friends and after it had all died down when it got late and there was nothing to do someone asked if we could do the Bloody Mary ritual in the bathroom. Well my best friend decided to pipe up and say that the Bloody Mary game was over done and we should do something different like Blue Baby. Of course, very few of us actually knew what Blue Baby was, so she had to explain it. Apparently, it was a horror game, ba…

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