I guess this blog is going to be about creepy/strange things that actually happen to me. Perhaps one day, they'll inspire a story somewhere. These posts won't involve many deaths, haunted cartridges, hyperrealistic blood or other cliches. I don't consider these to be creepypastas, and they would not be remotely interesting as full articles. However, it's got the real-life factor to it. Besides, where else am I going to post them?

This first one is rather lame, but one should not jump the shark right off the bat. Anyway, I had a Wii for a few years, and it worked pretty well. A bit too well, in fact. Whenever I left it plugged in overnight, it would turn itself on. Every single time, I had to unplug the system. If I didn't, that green light would greet me. The fact that it turned on isn't what scared me, obviously, but I had no idea why it did so. To this day, I still have no clue why. My best guess is that some finnicky wiring and electricity charges were to blame.