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Stonepony November 26, 2014 User blog:Stonepony

After reading stories on this site for a couple months, I have finally decided to create a profile and become part of this community.  I am sure many of you will groan when you hear this, but I came to Creepypasta Wiki after reading about it in the news connected with the stabbing of the little girl by her friends who were trying to appease Slenderman.   I honestly didn't know what I was going to find, as Creepypasta Wiki was portrayed in the news as being the prime motivator for this crime.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that this site was for publishing creepy stories.  Since that time, I have read many stories on this site, some I have enjoyed more than others.  I have just recently began to edit some of the stories that I read for grammar mistakes with the hope of making stories on this site more readable and enjoyable for the audience.  I would like to write my own story some day, but I'm not very creative so that may not end up happening.  

I am happy to have found Creepypasta Wiki and will continue to read and contribute to this site as much as I can.  I look forward to reading new stories and being creeped out!

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