So a long time ago, when I was much more into creepypastas and was active on this site, I had made a blog post called "Something Very Ironic" about an experience which I had when I was about seven years old. The irony was that it sounded so much like a "Lost Episode" pasta that I actually had to specify that it wasn't, since you can't post pastas in blogs. Long story short, I watched something about a giant bird chasing children which creeped me out when I was that little and could only remember it vaguely ever since then, to the point that I wasn't sure if I had really watched it on TV or if my imagination had fabricated the images. The blog post is still up and can be found on my user page, if you want more details. 

Well, after all these years and some fortunate YouTube browsing, I FOUND IT!

It turned out to be one of Nickelodian's "Short Films by Short People," a thing they did a while back in which kids submitted ideas for short films which Nickelodian would then make. Its title was, "Attack of the Giant Vulture," and can be found here.

I was really happy to watch it after all that time of wondering if it really existed. The best parts of it all were laughing at what I once found so scary, and seeing all the places where my memory had distorted the video over time. For instance, I managed to remember the title screen where the vulture popped out almost completely, minus some dramatic elements. On the other hand, the girl who was being cornered by the bird wasn't black like I remembered but Asian, and she didn't try to sweet talk the bird by calling it "beautiful;" in fact, she called the thing "ugly" to its face, and it accepted that as a compliment!

Just figured that you all might find this interesting and/or amusing, since Lost Episodes are so popular. It was nice to return to this site again for a bit. Have a nice day :)