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    So a long time ago, when I was much more into creepypastas and was active on this site, I had made a blog post called "Something Very Ironic" about an experience which I had when I was about seven years old. The irony was that it sounded so much like a "Lost Episode" pasta that I actually had to specify that it wasn't, since you can't post pastas in blogs. Long story short, I watched something about a giant bird chasing children which creeped me out when I was that little and could only remember it vaguely ever since then, to the point that I wasn't sure if I had really watched it on TV or if my imagination had fabricated the images. The blog post is still up and can be found on my user page, if you want more details. 

    Well, after all these…

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  • StillDeciding

    Something Very Ironic.

    September 17, 2012 by StillDeciding

    The are a fair number of Creepypastas that are about bizare TV-shows that the writer supposedly saw as a child. Most of these, I'm guessing, were inspired by the Candel Cove creepypasta. The ironic thing is that, recently, I'm beginning to feel like I actually had one such experience. It is going to sound a lot like the previously mentioned creepypastas, but this is not intended to be one of those pastas: I indeed rember watching one such tape, and even fast forwarding through it. Or more correctly, I remember the images and sounds from the tape, but they were from so long ago in my life that I'm not sure if they were dreams or reality.

    The TV show in question, if you could call it that, was on the beginning of a different, perfectly innocent…

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  • StillDeciding

    Why Pokemon?

    September 10, 2012 by StillDeciding

    Don't get me wrong; I love Pokemon and Creepypastas about the same as much as the next guy, so long as those pastas are done well. But I've been wondering lately, why is it that Pokemon seems to be a popular topic for Creepypastas? Is can't just be because of the urban legends surrounding Lavender Town; though many of the stories incorporate Lavender town in some way, it usually isn't a centrall element.

    My first guess, and probably the most likely reason, would be that Pokemon is something that is associated with the innocence of childhood, and thus is interesting to corrupt.

    What do you think?

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