aka Steven Glenn

  • I live in Bethel,Oh
  • I was born on October 1
  • My occupation is School
  • I am Male
  • StevieG123

    Hey Guys.

    July 28, 2011 by StevieG123

    Im new on here and I need some help forming an idea for a pasta. Ok so my house is haunted and I was going to make a story based around that like my little brother has dreams of him getting choked then wakes up still feeling someone choking him. and a little girl mu cuz keeps seeing and alot of more things. I just need some help so this dosnt become a steaming pile of crap. I mean is this even a good idea?

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  • StevieG123

    I am forming an idea for a creepypasta. Its ether going to be a tape someone finds in the garbage or a ghost haunting that is actually based off of my house.

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