• Steven.stack.31

    Heartless Man

    October 20, 2013 by Steven.stack.31

    I don't think I wanted to go watch a scary movie after this last December 15th. Here is the story of why:

    == DECEMBER 9th 2012 ==

    It was a great day with my grandpa. I asked him if we could go to the movies on the 15th, and he said yes. So anyways, we had to get ready.

    I got ready, and then I saw that I cut myself on the corners of the bed somehow. I told my grandpa, but we was half asleep. He said, "Go to sleep..." because it was 10:54 PM anyways. So I said "yes" and put my pajamas on and went to sleep.

    == DECEMBER 10th 2012 ==

    I woke up today, and I asked grandpa to make me some breakfast, and I asked nicely. But he seemed like he was in a bad mood because he said, "GO GET YOUR OWN STUPID BREAKFAST IDIOT!" I started sobbing a bit, but I got o…

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