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Steve 2014

aka StevefromLatvia

  • I live in Latvia
  • I was born on April 27
  • My occupation is School boy
  • I am Male
  • Steve 2014

    Sup folks!

    Have you ever read great creepypasta but had a let down by it's ending? Tell about your experience!

    It could be a well known story or an underrated story it dosen't matter.

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  • Steve 2014

    Hi everyone! Steve here.

    So I've been offline for a while but I'm back and I've got a chellenge for you all.

    Just remember I don't take any responsibility for any injury, sleepless nights or any other results for any matter. Just doit at your own risk and know what you're getting into.

    Ok here's the challenge:

    Get any music player with this song on it with headphones. Wait until EXACTLY midnight and then turn off all the lights. Then, put the headphones on and play this song. Now walk down any stairs (attic stairs, cellar stairs, just any stairs) and try to get a drink without turning on a light. 

    Good luck!

    Oh here's the music:

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  • Steve 2014

    So you've read the title. Mine is The Russian Sleep Experiment. This is my favorite creepypasta of all time too. So which is yours?

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  • Steve 2014

    Can someone please explain was was TLC creepypasta disqualified on creepypasta of the month voting page?

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  • Steve 2014

    Title says it all. Where did you read it? What kind of creepypasta was it(lost episode,theory,etc)? 

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