It has come to my attention that my only creepypasta thath I have on this website, The Outsiders Missing Scenes, has gone sort-of-not-really viral on Tumblr. 

Oh my fucking god.

Not to mention there are people going "OMFG IS THIS REALLY TRUE HOLY SHIT I'M GONNA CRY WAH"

People. No. It's not real. I made it for laughs. Nothing more. 

The disk is not haunted. It's not a consipracy or anything. And most importantly I did not contact C. Thomas Howell (I don't even have his contact info haha). Seriously, what made you all believe this even relatively real? Nothing about it is true. I just made this a stupid creepypasta (a jokepasta or shitpasta if you may call it that). I apologize if I made you shit yourself in fear or anger.

I also plan on making a remake of this that may have a slightly more serious tone, unlike the stupid cliche suicide ending. It will have to do with a risque disk like the previous one, but totally different situations and outcomes. I'm even thinking about making a theory version (much like the Rugrats Theory/ Hey Arnold! Theory/ Fairly Odd Parents Theory/ THOES KIND OF THEORIES WHERE EVERYTHING IS FAKE OR DEAD) where everything that happened in the few weeks of Ponyboy's life was all just his imagination...