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  • Squidmanescape

    Yeah, this should have been a discussion post instead. I'm sorry for posting this here.

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  • Squidmanescape

    This is kind of a question to everyone.

    How would Klingon work as an altlang? What would the abbreviation at the top be (KL or TLH)? Would anyone write using Klingon? Should the translation sound better or be more true to the words? (Or do any of these things matter?)

    Also, any other questions of that nature will be able to have a place now.

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  • Squidmanescape


    April 1, 2016 by Squidmanescape

    Is Orwin a decent frightening tale, or do I have some sort of strange liking for the transcription that lingers without reason?

    Also, the title is"Hi". I am dreadfully sorry. That title is bad.

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