• Spring4000

    First blog in months

    October 28, 2017 by Spring4000

    Hi people,I am back after 11 months.

    I want to make a disney pasta now.

    Anyone have any ideas or suggestions for me on how to make something as original as possible?

    After all,I do NOT want to seem like a ripoff of other Disney pastas such as "Room Zero", "Abandoned By Disney", "Mickey's Best Friend",or "Suicidemouse.avi".

    Any suggestions and/or ideas are welcome.

    Thank you,and I will see you guys next blog,or in a new pasta.

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  • Spring4000

    Help is needed

    November 17, 2016 by Spring4000

    I need some help from the community.

    I want to make a quality FNAF creepypasta and tried to make one but it got deleted due to not meeting quality standards.

    Does anyone have some good ideas for me?

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