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    March 8, 2015 by Spoopy Christe

    Hello, Creepypasta Wiki members! I want to get to know you guys better, so Im going to ask you guys some questions! You can answer all of them or just one.

    1.Favorite Book?

    2.Favorite TV show?

    3. Favorite Movie?

    4. Have any pets?

    5. Favorite Poem?

    6.Favorite Band?

    7. Favorite solo artist?

    8. Favorite artist (painting, etc.)

    9. Favorite animal?

    10. Favorite writer? (can be on the wiki)

    11.Favorite food?

    12. Favorite video game?

    13. How old are you?

    14. Male or female?

    15. Favorite candy?

    16. Favorite qoute? 

    17. Hobbies?

    18. Would you consider yourself to be Passive or Agressive?

    19. Favorite number?

    20. Favorite story on the site?

    (Thats all, folks!)

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