• Spookyskully666

    b'out me

    December 14, 2015 by Spookyskully666

    Hi, im spookyskully666, im a spooky skeleton, and i just joined this amazing wikia (BTW 0/10 not enough skeleton stories) this is my first blog, so here is my personal story (names will be censored, if you are wondering to come to my tomb and kill me)

    my real name was _______  _________ and i was a happy guy wo lived a normal life...but one day, one of my friends gave me a rom hack called, i was SO SPOOKED! but curiosity got the best of me and i downloaded it and i found A SPOOKY GIF! i was so spooked then a skeleton popped out and i died.

    they buried me in my backyard and they left a laptop in my tomb (because why not?), then i woke up in my tomb, i was so spooked! but then i found my laptop, and started reading creepyp…

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