• SplendidTRUSTe

    The frin

    November 22, 2012 by SplendidTRUSTe

    A dark weird creepily smiling figure came up to me I was scared so didnt know what to do so I ran downstairs took my gun and shot it. It ran away in fright and went out the window. The next day it came back, I saw it running towred the childrens room. I screemed get out, I could see it ripping my sisters skin. I I took my gun and threatened it and it ran away. After that I rushed my sister to the hospital. We asked the doctor if she was okay. Unfortanitly she was dead. That night I went outside in a tunnel, a secret tunnel that I made. The lights turned of and then it turned on. On the walls there where graffiti that said get out it was everywhere the lights turned off again and they turned on. The graffiti wasn't there anymore and right i…

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