hi, ashe here. i am currently obsessed with these. i find them weird and creepy. below are my favorites:

  • The White Lady - they often tell me about this one. she usually appears in pictures and people's descriptions of her always remind me of sadako from the ring. some say she has no face. some say her face is covered in blood. they tell me she was raped and killed by japanese soldiers during the war and has been haunting whe whole country ever since. (because the different stories i heard don't involve just one location)
  • Mananangal (is the spelling correct?) - this is probably my favorite. spikey told me about this one. during the day, they take form of a beautiful maiden. but once the sun is gone, they detatch their legs and turn into a vampire monster thingy with wings and eat human fetuses from pregnant ladies using its tongue. ew. it comes in through the windows and can only be stopped by hanging garlic on the windows. or, if you wanna kill it, sprinkle salt on its detatched legs so it cant unite with its body and the sun will kill it.
  • The Kumakatok - the story goes that, in the middle of the night, three hooded figures will knock at the door. usually two elderly men and a young woman. they say that it is an omen that if someone is visited by the kumakatok, someone in their family will die. there is no way to stop it. even if the door is left unanswered, someone in that family will die.
  • Tiyanak - these are baby vampire monster shapeshifters. they take the form of innocent babies and lure the victim usually in forests with a baby's cry. once picked up, they turn into their true form and eat the victim.

there's many more, but i cant remember their legends and what they look like. um, Capre, Tikbalang, Aswang, etc..

we'll be using these monsters in future stories. :)