ashie here.

warning: this post is about the complaints of a whiny eighteen year old (me).

i have this professor for filipino class. long story short: she hates me. there are far worse kids in the class than me, but i'm always the one she picks on.

one time, she returned me and spike's report cause apparently, the content in ours was wrong. but then spike checked on our other classmates, and they wrote about the same thing we did, but the professor didn't return theirs, or even say that the content was wrong.

and i have this friend. his mother's a professor. apparently, the prof who hates me is pretty open about her dislike for me. everytime she and my friend's mom would get together, all she ever talks about is how she hates me.

this isn't fair. i didn't do anything to her.

i want revenge. i don't deserve this shit from her.