i love cely. she's my bestest friend. she's from korea and i'm from california and we met in the philippines and she's been my bestest friend ever since.

err... anyway... when we were in high school, cely and i used to share a lot of creepy stories and stuff whenever we were bored. this is one of my favorites. tee hee hee.

once upon a time (in china, according to cely) there was a stand for delicious meat dumplings. they sold the dumplings in wooden boxes. there were six dumplings to a box.

and, um, there was also a man who lived three corners away from said dumpling stand. one night, he decided to have a little walk and buy a box of the delicoius dumplings.

he recieved the box and removed the lid, just to get a whiff of the sweet sweet food. six sweet dumplings in the box.

he walked to one corner and couldnt resist looking at the dumplings again under the light of the streetlamp. four dumplings? he could have sworn there were six. he srugged it off and walked to the next corner. curious about the disappearing dumplings, he took the lid off the box again. there were only two left.

he was only one corner away from home and he seroiusly panicked and ran all the way. he locked himself in his room and hid under the blankets with the dumpling box.

with his hands shaking, he took off the lid one more time and was faced by an empty box.

and then....

he saw all eight dumplings....



tee hee hee! does this count as troll pasta?