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A couple of days ago, I was talking with a couple of friends from school. They heard of this wiki and enjoyed it. However, one of them told me & informed me that one of his friends might attack the wiki with a group of vandals. Me and the friends are making sure he doesnt attack anything, and will make sure NOTHING gets hurt. I am advising you of this because the person he told this wiki about snapped a week before he told him. He has already attacked around 3 forums since he snapped. He has not attack any wikia yet, and plans this one to be this first because of the traffic here. I am only here to inform you of this. Hopefully, he wont attack by the date he planned; June 13, 2012. I am afraid for the wiki and we are constantly watching his activity on his computer. He has no sign of attack yet, which is a good thing. As you are reading this, he is being controlled from attacking. I am only here to inform you, please do not yell or attack me for no reason. Don't hurt the messenger. Thank you. SpicyHandofMarriage 21:02, April 9, 2012 (UTC)

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