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    This week has marked my renewed interest in writing creepypasta after spending three years reading in the crowd. In the last week I wrote my first story since "The Journal of Carter Pormon", which I called "Bin-Bag"and just last night I wrote and submitted another new story called "A Morning Routine" . These last two stories have completed a trilogy of stories I wrote centered around my hometown of Peosta, Iowa. I call this trilogy The Tunnel Stories, and I am excited that I finally got around to finishing it. 

    It came to be after realizing not many, if any, creepypasta takes place in Iowa, let alone the small town I hail from. I wanted to change that, to get my state into the canon, as it were. This is why these stories (particularly "Bin…

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    Back to Writing

    June 6, 2014 by Spadezy

    I have been gone for nearly three years, but am now back to work on my creepypasta. Recently I wrote and finished two and have since published them here , and here . 

    Hopefully they live up the what my first creepypasta was back then. 

    In the meantime I plan to write a couple more pieces this summer and become active in the community. 

    It's good to be back!

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