OK, I realized that my pasta (More of a "ShittyPasta"), NoosesFixEverything.Avi was kind of a fuck up. But, I fell asleep in class today and, I've got a idea. Oh, and I'm sorry I made the terrible crap, it was my first pasta. I know this is going to sound like I'm in grade three again, but... PLEASE DONT COPY MY IDEA OR THE SOCKS WILL MAKE YOU ROT IN HELL AND IF YOU HAVE WRITTEN A PASTA WITH SORT OF THE SAME IDEA VERY GOOD SIR. Ok, here is the idea:

A young boy, named Damian (Robin V FTW bitches!), goes to a therapy center called: "Amber Pines", recommended by his Doctor for the relationship he has with his parents. Some time after he arrives he hears of a murder on the fields ground. Murders keep on continuing and Damian needs to stop it, and catch the killer.

So what did you think? Comment below and tell me what you think!